Establish a Climate Coaches Community of Practice:

The group of participants will be established and maintained as a Community of Practice and

through a ‘Continued Professional Development’ type course.

Attend In-Person and Online Sessions:

You will be invited to attend 3 in-person and 5 online sessions over 6 months. Other training and opportunities will also be offered during the full course of the project. 

Consult with Experts:

Through consultation with experts in topics such as climate change, biodiversity, and facilitation, your will increase your understanding of climate-related topics and ways of engaging with people.

Engage with Community:

Working in teams, you will aim to lead, catalyse, and link community initiatives across geographical areas and sectors.

Develop Climate Resilience Plans:

You will test your new skills in community engagement by hosting pilot Climate Resilience Planning Workshops.

Co-create a Toolkit:

You will collaborate with other participants to identify and co-design a toolkit of good practices and techniques for engaging and empowering communities.