Community Climate Coaches is an exciting opportunity for individuals interested in climate action, community-led development, and sustainability to build their skills and knowledge to encourage local climate action.

The projects is originating from an ERASMUS+ funded project also called “Community Climate Coaches”. For further information read here.

It’s working with the idea of Doughnut Economics and embedded in the Two Waves framework.

Community Climate Coaches are a collective of community advocates from four regions of County Tipperary who have participated in capacity building and training over the past year. 

Hubs have been formed in four Municipal Districts across County Tipperary. Each hub hosted three sessions with community stakeholders from their respective areas.

These workshops showcased local initiatives and facilitated discussions to explore ways to improve the wellbeing and climate resilience of our communities through community-led action and local development.

Throughout this process, we are identifying projects or services and create a Community Wellbeing and Climate Resilience Map for each area.

This is then consolidated into a single map for the entire county.

Building on the PPN Wellbeing Vision Process

Overarching Vision for Community Wellbeing in Tipperary

Tipperary is an attractive, inclusive, and welcoming county with community-minded people, diverse cultures and a rich heritage, where we respect and value one another. It is a positive and safe place to live.
Our thriving and progressive economy is dynamic and enhanced by our strong local democracy and active community participation. Everyone enjoys a great quality of life with excellent local infrastructure, supports and services.
We live sustainably and work together to protect, enhance and enjoy our beautiful environment

Our personal wellbeing is when our basic needs are met, we have a sense of purpose, feel able to participate in society and live a good life.

Community wellbeing involves strong social connections, a healthy environment, and a thriving local economy.

  • People: Feeling physically and mentally well, with access to nature for relaxation, rejuvenation, and fostering a sense of community.
  • Places: Clean air, fresh water, and green spaces that are protected and restored, providing opportunities for recreation and connection with nature.
  • Community: People feel connected, supported, and empowered to work together for a better future. 
  • Jobs: A thriving local economy that supports sustainable practices, respects the natural world, and creates livelihood opportunities for everyone.

Climate resilience refers to our capacity to anticipate, address, and adapt to challenges and disruptions caused by a changing climate. 

By identifying and supporting community-led actions and local initiatives, we can help facilitate the transition to a sustainable county and thrive in the face of adversity.