Through this initiative, a diverse learning-network of facilitators, coaches, trainers, volunteers, and agency staff from the five municipal districts of Tipperary, who are already engaging communities, will be established and maintained as a Community of Practice.

Through a ‘Continuous Professional Development’ programme with leading experts from different sectors, the participants will increase their understanding of climate-related topics and develop their skills to engage people in community-led climate action in their area.

Participants will be invited to attend three in-person and five online sessions over six months. Other training and development opportunities will be offered to the participants.

Through this tailored program, the capacity of participating Community Climate Coaches will be developed to:

  • understand and communicate the climate emergency and the need for a low-carbon and just transition
  • host participatory events to engage communities leading to the reimagining of our places and build community resilience
  • contribute to developing practical climate action plans which can help to reduce emissions and enhance biodiversity
  • increase livelihood opportunities through promoting sustainability initiatives such as cooperatives, community businesses, and social enterprises
  • addressing climate anxiety and overwhelm through reconnection and action