Maintaining a Community of Practice of Community Activists

A diverse learning-network of facilitators, coaches, trainers, volunteers, and agency staff from the 5 municipal districts of Tipperary, who are already engaging communities has been established.

Hosting Community Climate Action Workshops

Participants will be invited to work in teams to support the delivery of three Community Climate Action Workshops held in each of the 5 municipal districts in 2024.

Nature and Place Connection: Exploring the vital connection between nature, our sense of place, and community wellbeing and resilience. We will delve into the significance of these elements in building ecological and climate awareness.

Identifying and Mapping Community Strengths: Recognising and mapping the existing strengths within our communities. We’ll identify the community-led initiatives that can contribute to local wellbeing and climate resilience.

Community Conversations: Engaging our communities in meaningful conversations about community wellbeing in the context of climate change. We’ll explore how addressing climate challenges with community-led initiatives can lead to greater local resilience. 

Climate Resilience and Community Wellbeing Map and Pathway

The culmination of these three sessions in each MD will result in the creation of a “Climate Resilience and Community Wellbeing Map and Pathway.” This invaluable resource will outline clear next steps and help guide communities toward a more resilient and sustainable future.

Community Climate Coach Toolbox

Through this process, the project will develop a toolkit for facilitating community climate action that will be available for other PPNs and communities to utilise. 

Community Climate Coach Training

Training will be developed and offered to community groups throughout Ireland.

Community Climate Coach National Symposium 

A national symposium promoting the outcomes to stakeholders from PPN’s, local authorities, and other climate action and social inclusion initiatives will be hosted in April 2024.